Having a great website is a must for all companies.

Website Benefits
Getting your business online can dramatically increase sales by exposing your products and services to more people online. Having a professional website allows you to make an impression on your visitors which increases the chance of conversions.

Website Content Management System (CMS)
Legit Design builds all of our websites on a CMS. Using a CMS allows clients to easily manage their own websites without any coding experience. This makes the website very easy to update and maintain with your existing staff. In addition there are thousands of free plugins you can use to expand your sites features in the future.

Upgrading your Existing Website
Having an old website can really hurt a companies image. Regardless of your quality of service you will look amateur with an out dated website. Clients judge you very quickly based on quality of your website. When they see an old site they figure you don’t care and move onto another company.

Landing Pages and Sales Funnels
Having a sales funnel can improve sales dramatically. Sales flows will increase the chance of a visitor converting by hard selling them. Legit Design uses imagery to guide the visitor to the Call To Actions. By guiding the visitors we can increase CTR’s by huge margins.


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